The Concretes

Hey Trouble

Emerging from a turbulent period in their history, the mainstream pop world will probably welcome back Swedes The Concretes with an apathetic shrug of the shoulders. Which would be a massive shame because their sabbatical break has done them a lot of good. Drummer Lisa Milberg has taken over on vocals after the departure of Victoria Bergsman. The resulting album has a much bigger sound, and is so warm it doubles as a face bronzer. Fully reinvigorated, they stomp out the delicious ‘Keep Yours’, a synth-laden summer smash in the making no doubt, while final track ‘Simple Song’ is bashful and fragile. “I want to get to know you/What your hair in the morning looks like”, purrs Milberg – and you can guarantee that every cardigan-wearing boy from here to Narnia will be nodding feverishly in agreement.

Ian England