Album Review: The Head And The Heart – ‘The Head And The Heart’

Deeply lacking any conviction

[a]The Head And The Heart[/a] have a heartwarming word-of-mouth success story that’s actually quite boring and yet still by far the most interesting thing about them. You can’t pick a fault with their none-more-Canadian folky indie rock, but you wouldn’t pick it to be on your team either.

“[i]I wish I was a slave to an age-old trade[/i]”, bleats singer Josiah Johnson Mumford-ishly on [b]‘Down In The Valley’[/b], before compounding that clanger by braying on about “[i]whiskey rivers”[/i] over limp [a]Arcade Fire[/a]-isms. Faux authenticity is one thing, but it isn’t even done with any conviction; the ‘whoop’ on [b]‘Ghosts’[/b] counts among the least convincing we’ve ever heard.

Duncan Gillespie

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