The Heliocentrics

Out There

When DJ Shadow wants a killer drum break, he breaks out his sampler and turns to his enormous lock-up full of extremely expensive and much prized vintage funk 7-inches. If he’s lost his keys or can’t be bothered to walk all the way down the end of the garden, though, he calls up his mate Malcolm Catto. A pretty ordinary-looking guy with a serious jones for old funk breakbeats, on ‘Out There’, Catto takes a sip from the cosmic teat and leads his nine-piece band through a suite of incense-burning funk workouts that sound kind of how the Sun Ra Arkestra would had their Pharoah-clad leader had insisted their shows contain a half-hour breakdancing interlude. At its best, it has the ability to make you feel like an LSD-dropping cop investigating a series of bizarre crimes in ‘60s Haight-Ashbury. Be warned though – there is rather a lot of flute.

Louis Pattison