Album Review: The High Wire – ‘The Sleep Tape’ (Grandpa Stan)

US indie of yore cushions the impact of this dreamy offering

Like being swaddled in duck-down pillows while dappled sunlight filters onto closed eyelids, London-based trio [b]The High Wire[/b] have succeeded in creating a narcoleptic wonderland. Hypnotic interludes like the dozy [b]‘New Lovers’[/b] rest flush against the slumber strut of [b]‘Sleep Tape’[/b]. The presence of mid-’90s US indie looms large on this debut, with [a]Mercury Rev[/a]’s influence weaving itself throughout the record, while whispers of [a]The Lemonheads[/a] make themselves heard on [b]‘Odds And Evens’[/b], as [b]Alexia Hagen[/b] trills almost as sweetly as [b]Juliana Hatfield[/b]. Even [a]The Dandy Warhols[/a] get a look-in via the hazy grind of [b]‘A Future Ending’[/b]. Self-indulgent instrumentals aside, [b]‘The Sleep Tape’[/b] is simply dreamy.

[b]Leonie Cooper[/b]

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