Album Review: The Japanese Popstars – ‘Controlling Your Allegiance’

Proof that you can't cover up bad ideas with mediocre collaborations

Northern Irish dance act [a]The Japanese Popstars[/a] have just signed to Virgin and had a whole bunch of guests thrown at them. This second album contains forgettable turns from Morgan Kibby of [a]M83[/a] and Lisa Hannigan, who perform over functional mid-tempo house with large, under-discerning rooms in mind.

There are wasted opportunities with both Robert Smith of [a]The Cure[/a] and Jon Spencer of [a]Blues Explosion[/a] fame, plus a whine-fest from Mrs Tom Bowman from [a]Editors[/a]. The [a]Green Velvet[/a] collaboration is admittedly top notch, but the guest budget would have been better spent on giving the band time to come up with good ideas in the first place.

John Doran  

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