Album Review: The John Moore Rock And Roll Trio – ‘Roll Your Activator Volume 1’ (Greaser 2000)

Bridging the gap between the old and the new

[b]John Moore[/b] appears to be on a lifelong mission to corrupt the nation’s youth. In the mid-’90s he gained notoriety as an importer of absinthe, the green fairy that poisoned the minds of Rimbaud and Baudelaire. Now he appears to have found a new method: rock’n’roll, the kind that saw Richard and Berry poisoning the minds of teenagers everywhere. He’s had brushes with it before in [b]Black Box Recorder[/b] and [b]The Jesus And Mary Chain[/b] (his two cohorts in the Trio, Phil King and Loz Colbert, are both current members), but here he takes it back to its roots and throws in a demolition of [b]T.Rex’s[/b] [b]‘I Love To Boogie’[/b]. Proof that the generation gap is alive and well.

[b]Nathaniel Cramp[/b]

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