Album Review: The Kissaway Trail – ‘Sleep Mountain’ (Bella Union)

The Danish outfit pull out all the stops for their latest record

Crikey. Grandiose church bells, [b]‘Keep The Car Running’[/b]-esque riffs, multi-part harmonies… and all in the first track? It’s clear from opener [b]‘SDP’[/b] that Danish epic-popsters [a]The Kissaway Trail[/a] ain’t doing it by halves second time around. But rather than ending up a bombastic mess, [b]‘Sleep Mountain’[/b] knows that the devil is in the detail. [b]‘Friendly Fire’[/b] gently woozes its way into slow-burning crescendo without ever sinking into excess, while the [a]Flaming Lips[/a]-isms of [b]‘New Year’[/b] revel in percussive flourishes and mammoth vocal scores, but with the knack of knowing just how far to push it. Centre it all around a heartbreaking cover of [a]Neil Young[/a]’s [b]‘Philadelphia’[/b] and the result is nothing short of stunning.

[b]Lisa Wright[/b]

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