Album Review: The Middle East – ‘I Want That You Are Always Happy’

Listless Americana... from Australia

If not quite suffering a full-on identity crisis, [a]The Middle East[/a] are at least a geographically confusing prospect – their name suggests sandswept mysticism, their [a]Fleet Fox[/a]y sound Americana folk porch dwelling, but they’re actually from Australia.

They don’t quite conjure the heart-slowing plod of Pecknold’s mob on their second album – [b]‘Black Death 1349’[/b] is slightly epic in a [a]My Morning Jacket[/a] way while [b]‘Jesus Came To My Birthday Party’[/b] is a deft bridge between [b]Sparklehorse[/b] and [b]The Sleepy Jackson[/b] – but the lazy-day loping elsewhere suggests their ideal geographical home is on the Applejack Stage at Green Man at around 3pm.

Jamie Fullerton

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