Album Review: The Race

In My Head It Works

Facts about this album:

* The Race’s first album, ‘Be Your Alibi’ was released in 200.

* ‘In My Head It Works’ is produced by Manics collaborator Dave Eringa.

* The cost of recording ‘In My Head It Works’ was covered by The Race’s fanbase via a stakeholder fund.

Album review:

The Race sound like they took a leaf or two out of the Snow Patrol book of being super successful. That is, they sound like their natural state would be the sort of mewling, milksop indie-rock that luxuriates in its own stubborn misery – except that doesn’t shift units, so instead they’re going to reach for the epic rock anthems that couldn’t be more triumphalist if they soundtracked Brandon Flowers taking a unicorn on a victory lap around the paddock. ‘Killer’, then, approximates a sort of landfill indie U2, which let’s be honest, the world doesn’t need. But elsewhere, an endearing awkwardness pokes through the folds: ‘Summer’ reels with Sonic Youth discord, while ‘Rude Boy’ pulls off prowling, dub-rock without tipping into Hard-Fi caricature.

Louis Pattison

The Race

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