The Raveonettes

Lust Lust Lust

We always knew that The Raveonettes hid a delightfully seedy side behind their surf-pop shimmer, but the sense of carnal urge and subsequent mental anguish that dominates ‘Lust Lust Lust’ makes for a shocking, yet completely enthralling listen. The radio-friendly sheen of 2005’s ‘Pretty In Black’ has been replaced with a darker sound to match the heavier lyrical themes. Opener ‘Aly Walk With Me’ merges hip-hop beats and Velvet Underground guitars, while it would probably take an astronaut with a guitar on the dark side of the moon to record a lonelier-sounding song than ‘Expelled From Love’. In a different world, these traumas would be aired on Jeremy Kyle. Be thankful, then, that The Raveonettes are super-cool Scandinavian noise-rockers and they’ve shored ‘Lust Lust Lust’ in that turmoil to create their most engrossing album to date.

Hardeep Phull