Album review: The Stupids – ‘The Kids Don’t Like It’

Unreconstructed punk that could do with some work

Some things are better left in the past. Whether it’s Pat ‘Funhouse’ Sharp’s hair or MC Hammer assuring us we can’t touch him, certain foibles should just be forgotten about. For all its obvious charms, punk rock is no different, but ever since Johnny Rotten and the boys pissed on the memory of the Pistols by jumping on the reunion bandwagon, there’s been a host of pretenders following suit. The Stupids are one such band and ‘The Kids Don’t Like It’ is their first record in 21 years. In many ways they’re like those old dudes in ‘80s movie Cocoon – their mind is willing

but their body is weak. Songs such as ‘Hate Hate’ may bleed with the bravado of old, but ultimately we’re left feeling it’s about time they changed the record.

Edwin McFee

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