Album Review: The Victorian English Gentlemens Club – ‘Bag Of Meat’

An abundance of British vintage quirk

This Cardiff trio’s ongoing dedication to vintage British quirk is to be applauded. Robbing from the graves of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, [a]PiL[/a] and [a]The Banshees[/a], they stitch together a lurching riff here, a playful yowl there, and animate their monster with the oddball spirit of ’90s tykes like Tiger or David Devant and the unholy daemon of Liars.

Their third is a fascinating labyrinth of unexpected rhythmic twists and turns, dirty greasy basslines and unexpectedly sproingy riffs. [b]‘Card Trick With A Chimp’[/b] sums up the nightmarish fun perfectly, like a nest of bouncy barbed wire from which Adam Taylor yelps about bananas.

Emily Mackay

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