Album Review: The Victorian English Gentlemens Club – ‘Bag Of Meat’

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An abundance of British vintage quirk

This Cardiff trio’s ongoing dedication to vintage British quirk is to be applauded. Robbing from the graves of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, [a]PiL[/a] and [a]The Banshees[/a], they stitch together a lurching riff here, a playful yowl there, and animate their monster with the oddball spirit of ’90s tykes like Tiger or David Devant and the unholy daemon of Liars.

Their third is a fascinating labyrinth of unexpected rhythmic twists and turns, dirty greasy basslines and unexpectedly sproingy riffs. [b]‘Card Trick With A Chimp’[/b] sums up the nightmarish fun perfectly, like a nest of bouncy barbed wire from which Adam Taylor yelps about bananas.

Emily Mackay

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