Album Review: Thomas Tantrum – ‘Mad By Moonlight’

Confused, emotional, but brilliant

Coming after a debut like a small child throwing a wobbly – broken screams and argument-dented lyrics, yet strangely poetic – Thomas Tantrum’s second offering is more refined, siren-led indie that could battle it out with the likes of Anna Calvi and Florence.

The Southampton ensemble have taken on synths and a new drummer for their ode to insomnia, madness and troubled nights. From Megan’s Lulu-style bellowing at the start of poptastic ‘Sleep’ to the Julia Stone-esque soothing lullaby that is the xylophone-heavy ‘Supermodel’, Thomas Tantrum have grown from their terrible twos into a wonderfully troublesome teenager. Confused, emotional, but brilliant.

Abby Tayleure

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