Album Review: Timber Timbre – Creep On Creepin’ On (Full Time Hobby)

A twisted journey of gothic elegance and threatening brilliance

Just as the most effective bollocking is employed with a controlled, forbidding tone, so this Canuck trio of Mika Posen, Simon Trottier and Taylor Kirk know how to carry out a quiet threat. They could turn even the hardest kids at school into pissy wrecks with the elegant dread-heart blues of this, their fourth album.

For as soon as Kirk whispers “[i]I found depravity convinced me, I may no longer care[/i]” on the opener, [b]‘Bad Ritual’[/b], a fog descends and these glorious piano-led songs about infatuation – all sawing strings, lumbering bass and clang and twang – turn more gothic than Angelo Badalamenti’s dreams.

Chris Parkin


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