Album Review: Titus Andronicus – ‘The Monitor’ (Merok/XL)

Breaking all the rules has mixed results

[b]Titus[/b], gloriously, adhere to no plan. Step one: release a staggering debut about being young and lost. Step two: release a concept-driven follow-up about the American Civil War…ish. See? And while their bravado is to be applauded – few are the bands who can make [i]“You will always be a loser”[/i] sound joyous, as on [b]‘No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future’[/b] – there’s a bloodymindedness on [b]‘The Monitor’[/b] that is equally infuriating and invigorating. The former because it ambles where it should race, as in [b]‘A Pot In Which To Piss’[/b], and the latter because the majority of the album, especially [b]‘A More Perfect Union’[/b], tells a macro tale writ small where massive disasters become personal crises. Imperfect, and attractively so.

[b]Rob Parker[/b]

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