Album Review: Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou – ‘Quality First, Last & Forever!’

They've replaced their urban roots with bland rural charm

Well golly-gee Dolly, what do we have here? A Mr & Mrs duo who traded in their city slacks for bumpkin pants; [b]Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou[/b]’s second album finds them escaping the big bad city for… rural Kent. And, despite this feeling like a minor issue (in light of the sun-kissed harmonies and cutesy guitar plucking) it’s a problem we find hard to overcome.

Not least of all because Hannah-Lou sounds like fellow reviewee [a]Sophie Ellis-Bextor[/a] intoning the collected works of Boxcar Willie. Indeed, the whole thing spills over with the feeling of a north London folk massif getting together for a hoedown after a hearty sesh down the allotment.

Priya Elan


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