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Album Review: Trophy Wife - Bruxism EP


Album Review: Trophy Wife – Bruxism EP

One thing that impressed about the Blessing Force coterie when they sprang into view last autumn was their boldness of message and sound: [a]Chad Valley[/a]’s brilliantly garish chillwave, [b]Pet Moon[/b]’s apocalyptic clatter, [b]Rhosyn[/b]’s crinoline camp. While [a]Trophy Wife[/a]’s understated debut single was beguiling in its own way, their new EP feels tame. Each of its five songs bears the production work of a different knob-twiddler – including Yannis on the chilly, stinging ‘[b]Wolf[/b]’ – meaning that flashes of excitement feel fleeting. A loose narrative about dislocation and new beginnings is lightly curious, but not bold enough to earn cultish adoration.

[i]Laura Snapes[/i]


Director:Trophy Wife, Plaid, James Yuill, Andrew Halford, Aidan Laverty, Ewan Pearson, Yannis Philippakis
Record label:Blessing Force
Release date:17 Oct, 2011