Good Arrows

Often, the mere mention of the word ‘folktronica’ can leave even the most open-minded music fan dry retching. But get a grip. Folk has evolved magnificently – and the natural conclusion is this, London trio Tunng’s third album ‘Good Arrows.’ As a doomed generation, who, for the most part, take our music recommendations from car adverts, this is as near as we’re going to get to a symphony. Imagine Syd Barrett conducting The Beta Band while Win Butler potters around in the background. ‘Bullets’ sounds like Beck taking a long, hot bath and is altogether the loveliest thing on an album of beautiful moments, while ‘Secrets’ is full of delicate intricacy. And to top it all off, it sounds like it was recorded by someone hitting a Moog with a shoe. Unadulterated genius – we’re practically drooling.

Rebecca Robinson