Album Review: Twinkranes – ‘Spektrumtheatresnakes’

Krautrock, but with less beards and more dancing

Put this incredible album on and, from the first second of opener [b]‘High Tekk Train Wreck’[/b] everyone – regardless of musical persuasion – sits up and asks, “What the hell is that?” The answer is that it’s a fantastically unhinged mix of speeded-up krautrock rhythms, dirty drones and wonky synthesizers, which is at once weird and danceable and very pop; as a case in point, [b]‘The Charmer’[/b] sounds like Britney Spears’ [b]‘Womanizer’[/b] as played by New York experi-mental duo Silver Apples. All we know about [a]Twinkranes[/a] is they come from Dublin, there are three of them called Blonde Fox, Rooster and Auburn Spinner. But with sounds like this, who needs biog and sensible names?

[b]Nathaniel Cramp[/b]

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