Album review: Wyatt/Atzmon/Stephen – For The Ghosts Within (Domino)

This troupe of noisemakers put an Arabic fusion to typical jazz

For two men famed as political firebrands, [b]Robert Wyatt[/b] and Israeli anti-Zionist and saxophonist [b]Gilad Atzmon[/b] certainly make a beautiful noise together. With violinist [b]Ros Stephen[/b] on board they revisit their collaboration on Wyatt’s ‘[b]Comicopera[/b]’ with this tear-stained lament for a world gone awry, its silky sax lines and strings inhabiting standards and Wyatt originals like spectres. The brooding Arabic-inflected title track stands out from the Jazz Age stuff, Wyatt’s vocals are as doleful as ever and ‘[b]What a Wonderful World[/b]’ is a perfectly wry kiss-off.

[b]Chris Parkin[/b]

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