Album Review: Various Artists – ‘The Flowerpot Sessions’

Lacking the ambience folk so lovingly depends on

Recorded live at the now-defunct Flowerpot in north London, this lukewarm grassroots hotpot aims to bottle a memory of lightning. Out of cheery-beery context, Crowns’ [b]‘Little Eyes’[/b] is a trite finale which buggers itself with tactless mid-song self-promotion.

In fairness it’s not all ham-fisted facepalm – though tearstained by [b]Treetop Flyers[/b]’ earnest wail, [b]‘It’s About Time’[/b] has an easy rocking-chair repose, and while the tired-eyed bromides of [a]Lissie[/a]’s [b]‘Oh Mississippi’[/b] are more [b]‘Little Bo Peep’[/b] than [b]‘Rust Never Sleeps’[/b], they at least warm the cockles. A fair harvest from a sporadically likeable tractor-folk collective, but when shit comes to shovel you probably had to be there.

Jazz Monroe

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