Beat The Radar – ‘A Million Different People’

Lovely pop music, and a helluva lot of fun

It’s a peculiar record, this. Manchester’s Beat The Radar’s sonic scrapbook relies on charming lyrics (“People always say to me/You’ve got to find a better way/And those people said I was wrong/But they were wrong” on ‘America’) and effortlessly cool guitar jams that recall the glorious freshness in the air when The Drums’ ‘Summertime!’ EP dropped in 2009. There’s the odd moment when singer Jonny Swift drifts into sounding like something from [i]The Itchy & Scratchy Show[/i], but ‘Eyes’ has a hip, hasty and charmingly nonchalant groove. It’s lovely pop music, and a helluva lot of fun.

Hugh O’Boyle


Record label: Akoustik Anarkhy
Release date: 06 Aug, 2012