Freeform freak-funk that could use a bit of focus

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Moodoïd - 'Moodoïd'


Moodoïd – ‘Moodoïd’

Pablo Padovani certainly has friends in curious places. The guitarist with Melody’s Echo Chamber, his dad is a famous French jazzbo and chum Kevin Parker from Tame Impala has mixed his new act’s debut four-track EP. Even curiouser, though, is Pablo’s take on freeform freak-funk. ‘Je Suis La Montagne’ keeps the caffeinated craziness at an acceptable simmer, but there’s something infuriating about the crazed beatnik rhythms of ‘De Folie Pure’. Pablo has a flair for baroque psychedelia, but if he’s not going to lose people, he needs to refine his muse into something more focused and less barmy.

Leonie Cooper


Record label:Les Disques Enterprise
Release date:23 Sep, 2013