A band this fun should never be allowed to die

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Islands - 'Ski Masks'


Islands – ‘Ski Masks’

While Arcade Fire are congo-ing around Montreal with Bono, Michael Cera and Ben Stiller in a new video, across town Islands are slumped in the Last Chance Saloon, declaring this fifth album their make-or-break crisis record. Let’s hope Sinéad O’Connor writes an open letter in support, because a band this fun should never be allowed to die. Here they create Tornados space-gypsy westerns (‘Sad Middle’), Chapel Club military anthems (‘Becoming The Gunship’), white reggae gun rampage fantasies (‘Shotgun Vision’) and geek hoedowns about rampant alcoholism (‘Nil’), all with a maniacal sense of pessimistic self-destruction and a deep love for tinny synths. Get marooned with them, while you still can.

Mark Beaumont


Director:Manque music
Record label:Rough Trade
Release date:17 Sep, 2013