Portland duo make clarinet and synth tunes fit for Guantanamo Bay

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Golden Retriever - 'Seer'


Golden Retriever – ‘Seer’

Portland duo Matt Carlson and Jonathan Sielaff spent two years working on ‘Seer’, their fourth album, on which they aim to make music that’s both challenging and inviting, using just a modular synthesizer and a bass clarinet. Opening track ‘Petrichor’ is certainly a trial, layering ominously ringing notes with clarinet blasts and coming on like the soundtrack to your worst nightmares, while the rest of the five-track record flits between welcoming and uncomfortable. ‘Sharp Sounds’ takes on a gentle, jazzy tone and ‘Archipelago’ is initially calm, before its tweeting birds work themselves up into a flurry of manic, unnerving chirping. Not an album for relaxing to but perhaps one the guards at Guantanamo Bay might consider piping into prisoners’ cells.

Rhian Daly


Record label:Thrill Jockey
Release date:24 Mar, 2014