Yvette – ‘Process’

Two Brooklyn boys create a beautiful noise in their garage

10 minutes into their debut album, Yvette ask a rhetorical question. “Can you feel it falling apart?” Noah Kardos-Fein’s unaccompanied vocal at the end of ‘Mirrored Walls’ is the only moment on ‘Process’, initially released in America last year, that doesn’t haemorrhage noise. Perversely titled, colossal opener ‘Pure Pleasure’ heralds a deeply unsettling 33-minute work of destruction. But describing ‘Process’ as a noise record is inaccurate. This Brooklyn band, completed by Dale Eisinger on drums and electronics, strike a thrilling balance between extreme industrial sound and remarkable artistry. ‘Cold Comfort’ marches to a bleakly accessible rhythm for 90 seconds before plummeting into a choking sequence of alarm-like crashes. Reaching for the snooze button is impossible. ‘Absolutes’, the most unpredictable moment here, follows. It’s less indie-rock song, more nightmarish, factory-dwelling banshee. Its impact, like that of ‘Process’ itself, belies its creation. There was no army, no Armageddon. ‘Process’ was made by two men in a concrete New York garage.

Ben Homewood


Director: Nick Sylvester
Record label: Tough Love
Release date: 05 May, 2014