Teen – The Way And Color

Teeny Liberson and band head for silkier, more soulful ground after psychedelic debut

Teen’s second album is a sharp turn away from their previous work. The quartet, led by singer Teeny Liberson, replace the raw psychedelica of debut album ‘In Limbo’ with a silkier, more soul-infused sound. Armed with a wide array of instrumentation, it’s an ambitious attempt at an extravagant pop record and, at their best, the band show a deft touch for layered orchestration. ‘Sticky’, for example, is a lush and elegant ballad, while the smooth horns and offbeat keys of ‘All The Same’ are pure glitter and gold. But it’s a level that ‘The Way And Color’ fails to sustain; ‘Toi Toi Toi’ and ‘Tied Up Tied Down’, in particular, are hamstrung by droning melodies and grating synth loops. Still, highpoints like the funky bounce of ‘Breathe Low & Deep’ mean the Brooklyn-based group’s new style suits them nicely.

Dean Van Nguyen


Record label: Carpark
Release date: 05 May, 2014