Sean Nicholas Savage – ‘Bermuda Waterfall’

Canadian lounge lizard Savage tightrope walks the line between sleazy and romantic on brilliant second album

You’ve got to expect a fair amount of sleaze from an album that opens with a song called ‘Boogie Nights’, and sure enough, Canadian lounge lizard Sean Nicholas Savage delivers plenty of lusty leers and broken harmonies. Lead single ‘Naturally’, in which he thinks of his beloved as “someone so beautiful, coming so easily”, is a case in point. Deep down though, our Sean is a romantic. The heart of the record, ‘Bermuda Waterfall’, crystallises a real sense of existential loneliness and leads into the outstanding, lilting waltz of ‘Darkness’ and ‘Hands Dance’, surely the most beautiful song ever written about staggering home while pebble-dashing the pavement with the spoils of a night’s drinking. Underneath the filth, he’s a noble Savage.

Kevin EG Perry


Record label: Arbutus