Beaty Heart – ‘Mixed Blessings’

'Mixed Blessings' is a mixed bag

The arrival of Vampire Weekend’s debut album marked a fresh take on afrobeat. Six years on, Peckham’s Beaty Heart are trying to update Ezra Koenig’s world-wide influences into something that sits nicely between the New York City sophisticates and their latest danceable labelmates Jungle. ‘Mixed Blessings’ is rife with tropical sounds and exotic song titles (‘Yadwgiha’s Theme’, ‘Greetings To Eblis’). ’Kinder’ is like Troumaca with all their sticky, sultry fun sucked out while ‘Happiness’ sounds like early Mystery Jets filtered through a kaleidoscope. Unfortunately for Beaty Heart, no amount of high-pitched yodelling or warped effects can help them match up to those that have gone before.

Rhian Daly


Record label: Caroline/Nusic Sounds