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Various - 'Speedy Wunderground Year 1'


Various – ‘Speedy Wunderground Year 1’

London label Speedy Wunderground, the brainchild of producer Dan Carey, has an unique manifesto. Each new release must be recorded in a single 24-hour session, with no lunch breaks allowed and overdubs kept to a minimum to preserve the spontaneity of the performances. Rather than half-assed or rushed, the fruits of the imprint’s first year sound rich, varied and rather wonderful. What they’re not, however, is plentiful: the second half of this compilation can feel a little padded with remixes, but the tracks themselves, particularly Toy and Natasha Khan’s melodramatic excursion into the world of ’70s Iranian pop (‘The Bride’) and the space-rock excesses of Childhood’s ‘Pinballs’, are well worth spending your own precious time with.

Barry Nicolson


Director:Dan Carey
Record label:Speedy Wunderground
Release date:26 May, 2014