Former members of Of Montreal strike out on their own with Italo-house and '80s nuances

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Yip Deceiver - 'Medallius'


Yip Deceiver – ‘Medallius’

It seems likely that Athens, Georgia’s Yip Deceiver would prefer not to be thought of as an Of Montreal side project – while Davey Pierce and Nicolas Dobbratz were once members of the eccentric indie outfit, funked-up oily synthpop is their primary concern now. It’s not unfeasible that ‘Medallius’, the duo’s debut album, will strike enough of a chord to remove Yip Deceiver from Of Montreal’s context entirely. Certainly, the production is slick and sounds tailored for large audiences: ‘Presets’ bumps in a loosely Italo-house fashion, while ‘Tops Part II’ is smooth and as ’80s-tastic as Hall & Oates. It’s dragged down slightly, though, by Pierce’s middling voice and a clutch of forgettable cuts with the correct sounds but precious little groove.

Noel Gardner


Record label:New West
Release date:07 Jul, 2014