Autobahn – ‘Autobahn II’

Leeds band channel Killing Joke and the Birthday Party on their second EP

Don’t be fooled by the Krautrocky name, implying a swish motorik cruise down futuristic highways: by the sound of it, the young men of Autobahn are more likely to be found parked up in some shadowy underpass, huffing on petrol fumes. From Leeds, like Eagulls, and peddling a slightly gothy post-punk sound, also like Eagulls, Autobahn’s second EP nevertheless finds ways to distinguish itself from the current rash of moody punks in overcoats. The violent guitar lines of ‘Unhinged’ imagine late Birthday Party six-stringer Rowland S Howard reanimated as a Halloween slasher, while ‘Pale Skin’ and ‘Ulcer’ experiment with different degrees of driving intensity, vocalist Craig Johnson gnashing his teeth over Killing Joke rhythms pushed to the very brink of endurance. Original? Not quite, but there’s promise in their fearsome extremity.

Louis Pattison


Release date: 07 Jul, 2014