Hundred Waters – ‘The Moon Rang Like A Bell’

Electro-R&B unfolds with shimmering keys and existential anguish

“Show me love, show me love, show me love,” pleads Hundred Waters singer Nicole Miglis through a thatch of echoes and Auto-Tune as the Gainsville, Florida experimentalists’ second album whirrs into life. ‘The Moon Rang Like a Bell’ isn’t a record that needs to beg for your affection though – three tracks in, by the time the gloriously broody ‘Cavity’ reaches you, it’s already deep under your skin. With shades of Julia Holter and Poliça, the 12 electro-R&B nocturnes here unfold in shimmers of keyboard, indistinct vocals (most disarmingly on piano jam ‘Broken Blue’) and torrents of existential anguish: “Is it only in my head?” asks Miglis on the James Blake-ish ‘Innocent’. Perhaps, but Hundred Waters’ dark charms are all too real.

Al Horner


Record label: Owsla
Release date: 07 Jul, 2014