Twin Peaks – ‘Flavor’ EP

Chicago upstarts provide full throttle rock'n'roll exhilartion on UK debut

Back home in America, Chicago’s Twin Peaks are already moving onto their second album, ‘Wild Onion’. The UK, meanwhile, is playing catch up, with the ‘Flavor’ EP marking their debut British release. For those that have been following the quartet’s scrappy, stoned garage-rock, it won’t offer anything new, largely made up of the best bits from first LP ‘Sunken’ but for everyone else it’s a brief introduction to one of the most exciting new bands around. “I never used to dig the sunshine much until I smoked some marijuana, yeah,” drawls singer Cadien James on the fuzzy, intoxicating ‘Stand In The Sand’ while ‘Boomers’ boasts guitar solos as wonky and thrilling as a helter-skelter. It’s newest track ‘Flavor’ that forms the highlight though, scrubbed up from a lo-fi demo to something slick and polished but still fizzing with plenty of ramshackle charm and wild, rock’n’roll exhilaration.

Rhian Daly


Record label: National Anthem
Release date: 07 Jul, 2014