BL_NK SP_C_S – ‘Memory Man’

Anonymous NYC producer finds inspiration in mid-noughties British indie

BL_NK SP_C_S might be the first anonymous, New York producer to sound like Franz Ferdinand. You might expect mystery and creative use of caps lock to mean intriguing. Not here. Despite its sense of fun, ‘Memory Man’ is a tired mid-2000s revival that’s more cringe than smile. ‘A Parting Gift’ imagines Pete And The Pirates loitering in a Parisian disco in 2006; its chorus (“Read my letter just one more time/keep us together, just give it a try”) would have sounded naff back then. ‘Heavy Lay The Crown’ and ‘No Sleep’ plunder Franz Ferdinand and The Rakes offcuts. Stimulation arrives with the title-track’s darker, ’70s electro, but it’ll be no surprise if BL_NK SP_C_S is unmasked as The Others’ Dominic Masters one day.

Ben Homewood


Record label: You
Release date: 07 Jul, 2014