Pale Seas – ‘Places To Haunt’

Melodic melancholia from woozy indie-poppers

“Everyone knows that we’ll all die alone/One way or another we’ll all be alone,” opines Pale Seas’ Jacob Scott on ‘Sleeping’. This melancholy tone runs throughout ‘Places To Haunt’, but if Scott’s lyricisms suggest a man scrabbling at the last dregs of hope, then there’s sweet relief in the melodic washes surrounding him. ‘Different For Once’ is an enchantingly woozy thing built around boy/girl harmonies like Slow Club with a Radiohead fixation, while ‘Wicked Dreams’ lilts with the kind of soaring pop lines that land somewhere between Yeasayer and The Antlers. ‘Sleeping’ itself is gorgeously dusky, whereas ‘Evil Is Always One Step Behind’ concludes with a seven-minute epic of reverb and longing. Misery in its sweetest form.

Lisa Wright


Record label: Native Pop
Release date: 07 Jul, 2014