Mozart’s Sister – ‘Being’

The Canadian one-woman band specialises in exuberant, joyous pop

Like fellow Canadian Grimes, Montreal’s Caila Thompson-Hannant, aka Mozart’s Sister, is a one-woman band. She first appeared in 2011 with self-released EP ‘Dear Fear’, specialising in exuberant, DIY keyboard pop. Three years on, that blueprint is much the same on debut album ‘Being’, which she wrote, recorded and produced herself, using Ableton software and a budget sound card. The result is joyous electropop with depth – dance beats, ’80s-ish synths and Caila’s soulful, voluminous vocals fanning out into gorgeous harmonies. There’s a lot to like on ‘Being’ – thought it’s a shame her signature song ‘Mozart’s Sister’, which appeared on last year’s Merok-released EP, didn’t make the cut.

Charlotte Richardson Andrews


Record label: Asthmatic Kitty
Release date: 04 Aug, 2014