Jaakko Eino Kalevi – ‘Yin Yang Theatre EP’

Mad sounds from the weird and wonderful Finn

Before recording his new EP, lo-fi disco explorer Jaakko Eino Kalevi invented a party game. “Pass the cat to your left side”, the Helsinki musician sings on ‘Pass The Cat’, a cosmic dance tune named after a late-night game he made up in New York recently. Flecked with Kindness’ party spirit and the freakish touch of Ariel Pink, it’s the best track here. Propelled by ginormous synths, ‘Speak Out’ is close behind. ‘Sensaatio’ (sung in his native Finnish) and ‘Tecno Soulvaki’ build a slow, bassy mid-section that closer ‘XO-Tic Grlz’ blasts apart with spattered laser sounds. Weird and brilliant, it’s typical of this gifted space cadet.

Ben Homewood


Record label: Beats In Space
Release date: 24 Jun, 2014