Holy Family – ‘Can’t Dance, Won’t Steal, Need Some Sleep’

Moments of beauty shine through in an otherwise distracted and unfinished-sounding effort

Holy Family moved from Gothenburg to Montreal while making ‘Can’t Dance, Won’t Steal, Need Some Help’, so you have to wonder how the upheaval will have had on it. At times, songwriters Anton Ekman and Viktor Hansson approach brilliance: the moody, droning mechanics of ‘Fell Into My Hands’, the slurred pleas that devastate the centre of ‘Airy Jane’s Flying Carpet’, the scowling chords that turn ‘East Coast Nerves’ into a Jim Jarmusch soundtrack. Unfortunately, the half-hearted dreampop of ‘Trail Of Songs’ and the monotonous strumming on ‘One Of These Days’ sound like the unfinished work of guys who got too distracted packing boxes. Maybe once they’re settled, Holy Family will live up to their potential.

Robert Cooke


Record label: Melodic
Release date: 11 Aug, 2014