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Courtship Ritual - 'Pith'


Courtship Ritual – ‘Pith’

Since its formation in 2009, Brooklyn label Godmode has provided an antidote to the area’s increasingly monotonous torrent of chillwave. Following inventive new music from brutal noise-rockers Yvette and disco-house Las Vegas teen Shamir, NYC duo Courtship Ritual (comprising Monica Salazar and Jared Olmsted) are the latest to flourish on the imprint. Debut album ‘Pith’ shows off a knack for restrained but experimental pop. ‘Champagne Cages’ is sparse, jerky and off-kilter, like a spun-out take on Micachu & The Shapes’ ‘Curly Teeth’, and ‘Abuela’ thrums with industrial synths. ‘Wild Like Us’ is more elegant than its title suggests; its diamond sheen and hypnotic poise making it – like ‘Pith’ as a whole – impossible to ignore.

Rhian Daly


Record label:Godmode