Various Artists


Kill yourself with delight: the indiest label ever is turning 15! Thrill Jockey celebrate with a boxset of seven-inch records, comprising 20 of their artists covering the songs of their stablemates. You’ve not lived until you’ve heard country-crooning middle-aged lady-person Sue Garner chanting in monotonic Japanese on her cover of OOIOO’s ‘Umo’. Neither can you live without hearing underground veterans Eleventh Dream Day inflate Garner’s own ‘Alice’, but that’s because it’s tarred with the sticky genius of Suicide. At times, it’s all so lo-fi, that you’re forced to consider your own inner state to figure out whether you’re having fun or not. Often, patience is rewarded, but sometimes not even careful self-inspection can prevent you from feeling like a cloth-eared philistine who should be ringing up Virgin Radio to request more Scouting For Girls.

Louis Pattison