Vile Imbeciles


Vile Imbeciles is the new project from Andy Huxley, the 12ft, green-bonced goblin king who left proto-Horrors zombie noiseniks The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster because they were “too commercial”. So we’re hardly expecting Maroon 5. No, ‘…Ma’ makes The Mars Volta look like Scooch, resembling a mob of angry punk-rock orcs smashing up a studio with the severed limbs of goth serial killers. They call it ‘spazzjazz’, we call it graveyard grot’n’kohl, and from the wonky jazz-metal wrongness of ‘Your Legs Are Dead’ to the sound of Marilyn Manson’s autopsy that is, um, ‘I Propose A Toast To Drivel’, it’s unlistenable unless you happen to be skinning dead women to make a catsuit. Look! ‘…Ma’! No tunes!

Mark Beaumont