Album Album: Voice Of Seven Thunders – ‘Voice Of Seven Thunders’ (Tchantiler)

A change in direction proves a blistering success for Tomlinson's latest incarnation

Since 2003 [b]Rick Tomlinson[/b] has released numerous singles and an album as [b]Voice Of The Seven Woods[/b], but he replaced the arboreal with the electrical after supposedly discovering a book of apocalyptical prophesies dating back to the late 1800s. However, from the second the fuzzed-up guitar hits you at the start of [b]‘Kommune’[/b], it’s clear the name change is also reflective of Tomlinson’s musical development; aside from occasional bucolic moments, such as the closer [b]‘Disappearances’[/b], the freak-folk forest of yore has been largely cleared and replaced by krautrock rhythms, tape loops and guitar workouts that can only be described as blistering.

[b]Nathaniel Cramp[/b]

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