Von Südenfed

Tromatic Reflexxions

As one of our most esteemed and beloved curmudgeons, The Fall’s Mark E Smith is a man to be indulged in whatever murky, unlistenable musical side-project he sees fit – if anyone’s earned it, he has. It’s refreshing to report, however, that Von Südenfed – his collaboration with German electro types Mouse On Mars – is nothing of the sort. It’s claustrophobic dance music that frightens and fascinates in equal measure, but never bores. From ‘The Rhinohead’’s malformed northern soul beats, to the mangled disco majesty of ‘That Sound Wiped’, Von Südenfed’s industrial noise touches everything from unforgiving grime to – on the gorgeous ‘Dearest Friends’ – lilting electro-folk. Mad as a crate of stoats? Certainly. But worth investigation, all the same.

Barry Nicolson