Album review: We Fell To Earth – ‘We Fell To Earth’

Dark and moody dance, turn of the millenium-style

After DJ Shadow left, UNKLE’s visions of doom became great for soundtracking the second series of Prison Break, but nothing more. So it’s with trepidation that we approach the new project from Richard File. And while ‘WFTE’ is free of their world-weary heaviness, it’s clear you can take the man out of UNKLE but you can’t take the UNKLE out of the man. Instead, we’re transported into the post-trip-hop world of the late ‘90s/early ‘00s. ‘Sovereign’ has File and singer Wendy Rae Fowler doing their best Tricky and Shirley Manson impressions, while ‘Lost In Flames’ whizzes about like an early Kills song. Nice, but there’s not too much to get worked up about. PS: 1998 called; they want their beats back.

Priya Elan

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