Album Review: We Rock Like Girls Don’t

How Did It Get To This

Facts about this album:

* We Rock Like Girls Don’t are Ros and Vas.

* The duo were originally a trio.

* They are from Glasgow and London.

Album review:

Ladies, listen up – Beth Ditto would probably like a little word… as would Karen O and Alice Glass, because girls quite clearly can and do rock. Ignore the iffy sentiment behind this female duo’s moniker, though, and you’ll be rewarded with a thrillingly ferocious first offering. Dirty riffs roar and screech, thrashing against relentless rhythms and catchy pop choruses; think PJ Harvey and QOTSA in a bloody, pummelled-to-tiny pieces musical fist-fight – even more apt, when you consider there are loads of scary lyrical references to violence and rage. ‘How Did It Get To This’ is the kind of awesome rock record we don’t hear often enough, so no need to be jittery about a potential thwacking. Right?

Camilla Pia