Album review: White Hinterland – ‘Kairos’ (Dead Oceans)

The alchemist strikes again

The jazzy singer-songwriterisms of [b]Casey Dienel[/b]’s debut, [b]‘Wind-Up Canary’[/b], gave no preparation for the baroque worlds conjured by her reinvention as [b]White Hinterland[/b] on 2008’s [b]‘Phylactery Factory’[/b]. Equally, those who delighted in unravelling that knotty, brilliant album will emerge dazed and blinking into the wide spaces and sweet melodies of [b]‘Kairos’[/b]. It finds inspiration in R&B, krautrock, ambient and trip-hop. [b]‘Moon Jam’[/b] chants from the same electro-dreampop spellbook as [b]School Of Seven Bells[/b], while [b]‘No Logic’[/b] and [b]‘Bow & Arrow’[/b] don tribal rhythms strongly reminiscent of ’80s 4AD tribal-goth witches [b]Dead Can Dance[/b]. It’s the perfect, spring-cleansing album.

[b]Emily Mackay[/b]

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