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Album Review: Wiz Khalifa - 'Rolling Papers' (Atlantic)


Album Review: Wiz Khalifa – ‘Rolling Papers’ (Atlantic)

From track one of hip hop’s newest star’s major debut, the themes are familiar: on [b]’When I’m Gone'[/b] it’s “back in the day money was short”; by track two ([b]’On My Level'[/b]), [b]Wiz[/b] is “rolling doobies up” on a mission to “hit the club/spend this money up”; mega-hit [b]’Black & Yellow'[/b] is next, on which he informs us that “bitches love me ‘cos I’m fucking with they friends”. Six songs in, and another hip hop trend is sadly apparent. [b]’Wake Up'[/b] is the last of the completely irresistible [b]Stargate[/b]-produced gems, and the start of [b]’Rolling Paper”s[/b] descent into eight loooong, dull filler tracks that, musically and lyrically, are completely indistinguishable from one to the other. [b]’No Sleep'[/b] is about partying “til the weekend”; [b]’Get Your Shit'[/b] about asking a “bitch” for “keys back”; et-fucking-cetera-to-fade in an admittedly pleasant, laconic flow, over bland, mellow electronica. On [b]’Top Floor'[/b], [b]Wiz[/b] proclaims that his “life is like a movie”. Maybe so, but he needs to delete some scenes.

[i]Hamish MacBain[/i]

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