Wolf & Cub


You can imagine the moment when Australia’s Wolf & Cub realised they had to make an album and only had five songs: “That’s OK, we’ll just make up the time with rubbish instrumentals and half-baked experiments,” they probably said. Frustratingly, there are actually some incendiary dance-rock gems on ‘Vessels’. The title track sounds like Bobby G ranting over a krautrock pulse, while glam stompers ‘This Mess’ and ‘March Of Clouds’ are like a heavier Kasabian. But then there’s ‘Conundrum’ – five minutes of techno atmospherics that go nowhere but the skip button, and the banal jam that is ‘Vultures Part 2 Section 2’. Half great and half pointless, in the age of downloading… well, you know what to do.

Tom Pinnock