Album Review: Wounded Knee

Shimmering New Vistas

Facts about this album:

* ‘Shimmering New Vistas’ is released on Scottish electronica label Benbecula.

Album review:

It would be harsh to lay into ‘… New Vistas’ for being avant-garde, right? But! Drew Wright’s looped vocals are all there is to this mistake of an album. Jabbering, burping and grumbling his way through, he dispels all hopes of any outsider charm within: essentially, he’s David Shrigley with a nervous twitch. Comparisons to ‘Fitter Happier’-era Radiohead prove inaccurate when – out of nowhere – ‘My Wooden Cupboard’ raises the stakes. It’s a song that riffs (vocally, of course) on the eccentricity of forgotten Scots The Scars, who wrote one of the best singles you never heard in ‘Horrorshow’, but did Wright mean to do this? Doubt it. We won’t be needlessly cruel, but avant-garde is still French for bullshit.

Matt Wilkinson

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